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Cannot be more satisfied with my treatment and care at Parker Orthodontics.

Cannot be more satisfied with my treatment and care at Parker Orthodontics. I went in with TMJ problems. Within a few months of treatment my jaw was no longer locking. By the end of treatment my jaw problems are long gone and my teeth have not looked any better! Dr. Parker and his entire staff makes you feel welcome from the moment you walk into the office. And a special shout-out to the great work Shayla does! They even went out of the way to work with my expedited timeline requirements before I moved. You will not be disappointed with the quality of service. Thank you!

Jon D.
      Keep up the good work!!

      I cannot say enough about the amazing staff at Parker Orthodontics! They go above and beyond. Everyone from the gals at the front desk to Dr Parker himself are professional, friendly and always willing to help in any way. We absolutely love the whole staff. Thank you for being amazing! Keep up the good work!!

      Angelique B.
      I definitely recommend Parker Orthodontics.

      I just had my braces taken off after about 6 1/2 months of having them. My midline/center of my teeth was off significantly, and my bite hardly touched on my left side. My goals were to fix both of those issues. With state-of-the-art robotic Sure Smile wires that Dr. Parker digitally fabricates individually for each patient, it takes orthodontic treatment to a whole new level! Not only was he able to correct my midline and fix my bite so that I was able to chew well well on both sides (very quickly), he was also able to widen my arch. This resulted in making my smile a lot more broad! That aspect wasn’t something I had really thought about in the beginning, but it’s undoubtedly what has made the most difference to me and my smile, and I absolutely love it! The precision Dr. Parker is able attain with Sure Smile digital wires just doesn’t even compare to old-fashioned wire bending orthodontia. In addition to the state-of-the-art equipment used, including the digital wires and a 3D scanning machine that scans the entire skull versus just the typical flat panoramic X-Ray, Parker Orthodontics also has seven air filtration systems in place throughout the office that kill viruses in the air within two minutes. During these times, that is very good for peace of mind. Though I wasn’t bothered by the look of having braces, quarantine did end up being a nice time to have have them, because our mouths are always covered in public. I was able to surprise many people who never had any idea that I had braces on with a brand new smile! Whether you are looking for a complete smile makeover, or need to correct your bite for health reasons, or any reason at all - I definitely recommend Parker Orthodontics.

      Nicki B.
      Dr. Parker and his staff are amazing!

      Dr. Parker and his staff are amazing! My teeth had moved since I had braces many years ago, and Dr. Parker recommenced Invisalign. The process was so simple, and wearing them became an automatic and easy habit. Every time I went in for a check-up everyone in the office was so friendly and helpful. I’m now in the retainer phase and I get compliments all the time about how great my teeth look. Thanks to everyone at Parker Orthodontics!

      B. Robert Clark
      Dr. Parker and his staff are amazing!

      Dr. Parker and his staff are amazing! Their use of new technologies in orthodontic treatment is exceptional. Professional and very friendly. And I couldn’t be any happier with my smile! As a dental hygienist of 14 years I looked for the best in orthodontic care and found it.

      Kathy W.
      My kids teeth turned out beautifully! Thanks Dr. Parker!

      Dr. Parker has treated 3 of my kids and my husband. We had the best experience. Options for treatment were clearly outlined and treatments went as planned. His staff is friendly and they have raffles and rewards for good teeth brushing. Dr. Parker is skilled and easy to work with. My kids teeth turned out beautifully! Thanks Dr. Parker!

      Kelly H.
      I get compliments on my straight teeth weekly

      Dr. Justin Parker is the only orthodontist that anyone should consider if wanting braces. He is honest, and true to his word. He takes the time needed to make a smile great. My family and I over the years have all benefited from Dr. Parker’s talents and wonderful staff. I get compliments on my straight teeth weekly Thanks to Dr. Parker! 10/10

      Lindsey O.